5 comments on “Phase 1 complete

  1. I’m a big fan of the Raspberry Pi and am interested in getting my own and making something for it, so I like your posts – however I am not very knowledgable about how the Pi works. What is it you’re trying to make?

    • That’s great! It is a good learning platform and there are helpful tips and guides all over the place. I’m using a device that connects to the raspberry pi that allows me to connect to smart appliances wirelessly using the Z-Wave protocol, which is a mid range wireless transmission. The screen shot I attached in the last blog entry is the user interface for controlling the Z-Wave devices in my home. Z-Wavealliance.org has some pretty good information on their site.

    • Basically I’m trying to control my lights and power outlets from a tablet, smart phone, or my Pi. Eventually I would like to add control of my thermostat and some security devices.

  2. Sounds great! That’s exactly the kind of project I’d like to do – I’ve always like the idea of ‘home automation’ so to make it myself would be even better! You’ve inspired me!

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